If you spend a day in Bremen...

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People who travel to Germany usually think of cities like Berlin, Hamburg or Munich. Bremen is relatively small in comparison, but not less traditional and definitely worth a visit. Those who only stay in this city for a short time will notice that it can also have its advantages to be small, because the most important sights can be reached by foot from the central station. In Bremen you never need much time to reach the most beautiful places!

...Look around the market square

The market square with the huge Hanseatic cross is the center of the city. Around this point, many important sights are distributed, such as the town hall, which is an Unseco World Heritage, the Town Musicians, the Roland or the Bremen Cathedral. Demos, action days or other events are also often held here. There is almost always something interesting to see.



The Bremen Roland symbolized that the city is allowed to trade in the middle age. Since then it was extremely important for the city to protect the Roland and as a result many myths and legends surround this statue. The fact that Roland is still important to the people of Bremen can also be seen on special days, for example when it's his birthday, or at the Freimarkt when he gets a huge gingerbread heart.

...explore what is beneath the cathedral

If you think that mummies exist only in Egypt, you can convince yourself of the opposite in the basement of the cathedral. Here, by incidence, several mummies were discovered in the 17th century, which you can still see today and learn about the history of Bremenby the way. Adults pay only 3 Euros for a combined ticket, with which they can also go to the tower and gaze over Bremen.

...spit on the spit stone

Once there lived a woman named Gesche Gottfried in Bremen. For a long time people called her the "angel of Bremen" , until it was discovered that she had poisoned and killed fifteen people with arsenic. At the point where the spitstone is found she was either executed or it marks the spot where her head rolled ofter it was cut off. Today Bremish people spit on the stone to express their disgust for serial killings.

...get a little bit of luck from the town musicians

"You know what?" said the donkey, "I go to Bremen and become a town musician, come with me and let me take you to the music." 


The Town Musicians are an integral part of Bremen, even if they have never become musicians at all. Even tho, the story is about four disused farm animals seeking a better life.

the story is very popular in whole Germany and is published in many languages to share this fable with the whole world. 


In Bremen we say that if you touch the legs of the donkey you will get extra luck for your whole life. Just like the Town Musucians did. So don't hesitate an get your portion of luck!


Bremen itself houses countless statues and figures of the animal quartet. So you can find them in the Böttcherstraße, in the Ratskeller or at the Bürgerpark. It is actually impossible to come to Bremen and not to see the Town Musicians.

...watch the carrilon at bötcherstraße

The Böttcherstraße is in a class of its own. Here you will find architecturally striking houses, mostly stores with handicrafts or souvenirs. As a kid, I loved going to the candy store and getting a "Knäck", but be careful, they're extremely sticky. A typical Bremen sweet is the Bremen Babbeler, a kind of cough drop.


At certain times of the day you can also marvel at something else in Böttcherstraße. Here is also a carillon and a tower which shows various panels with explorers while the melody is played. You probably know one or the other!

You should definitely have a look at a pub called Ständige Vertretung. Here you can look in a charming atmosphere at a piece of German history and try culturally oriented food and drinks.

... stroll along the Schnoor

Schnoor means twine in a special German dialect. And like a twine you can also imagine this "district" as tiny and snug. There are no real roads, the houses are built close together and the paths and corridors are often wide enough for two people to pass each other. Sounds not so good at first, I admit, but the Schnoor is a piece of Bremen's history and one of the last places where you can see how people lived in the early town history.


Anyone who has seen the Harry Potter movies will immediately think of Diagon Alley. In the Schnoor there are small cafes and everything the tourist's heart desires, like crafts shops, bookstores and even the smallest hotel in the world. At the weekend it can be very busy here!

...drink a cold beer at the Schlachte

The Schlachte is also easy to reach by feet and not far from the Schnoor or Böttcherstraße. Where many ships used to lay and where commerce was frequent, now is a boulevard for locals and tourists. Here cafes, bars and beer gardens are lined up close together. In winter, there is the Schlachtezauber, a medieval Christmas market and on Sundays you can shoot a bargain at the flea market.

The Schlachte is a wonderful place to relax and have a cold beer on a warm summer day. There are enough local ales in Bremen!

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