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English Posts · 12. Februar 2019
A few years ago I thought that there are two kinds of people in this world. Confident people and shy people. Although some people would never believe me, I counted myself to the shy people. For me it was a miracle how others could have so much more confidence than me and I wondered if I would ever change my situation. Now I realized that confidence isn't something you are born with, you can gain it throughout your lifetime. I guess confidence is build by the experiences we make and I built most...

English Posts · 03. Januar 2019
*unpaid advertising "Star of the North" by D. B. John is a fictional story based on real events and reports from North Korea. Dr. Jenna Williams had never really wounded the seperation from her twin sister Soo-min. Her mysterious disappearance from a South Korean beach is solved by the local police as drowning, but Jenna refuses to accept this explanation. When Jenna finds out that in Japan young people were abducted by North Koreans, she gets herself enlisted by the CIA as an undercover agent...

English Posts · 31. Dezember 2018
In some countries it is already 2019 and even if we still have a few hours here in Germany, I wish you all a happy new year! The last year is almost over, the blog has moved to another website and since then I've been trying to fill it with interesting content. Of course, this should continue in 2019 and that you are not completely surprised, I put together a small preview.

English Posts · 08. November 2018
Hiking is the Korean national sport, at least I heard that. This May I went hiking for the first time, in jeans and sneakers, and not up to a mountains peak, but I realized that hiking is a lot of fun. If you are looking for attractions in Seoul on the Internet, you will definitely find the Bukhansan National Park and the recommendation to hike to Baegundae Peak. Of course, I followed this advice and soon realized that hiking in Korea is a completely different thing than in the Saxony...

English Posts · 31. Oktober 2018
When I go to a city I've never visited before, I always look for the highest building I could visit. I really like the view you can have from the top floors of skyscrapers, that's why I love the Oriental Pearl Tower of Shanghai and the One World Observatory in New York. The Lotte World Tower isn't really high, compared to other buildings like the Burj Khalifa, but it offers so many opportunities to enjoy your time there.

English Posts · 03. Oktober 2018
The History of Korea has fascinated me for a long time, especially what happens in North Korea. A few years ago I read an article about a women, who fled from North Korea and wrote a book about her story. I didn't just read her book, but many others about the same topic and I was startled about the situation of the North Korean people. For me it was absolutely clear that I'd go on a tour to the demilitarized zone. It was the most important point on my bucket list and the event I was really...

English Posts · 20. September 2018
Surprisingly, I did not get a jet lag in Seoul, which made me really happy because I was able to use the whole day without getting completely tired or oversleepe in the morning. Because I'm a little control freak, I did not have time for a jet-lag anyway - the vacation was already planned from start to finish. Our first destination was Gyeonbukgung Palace, as it was not far from our hotel by foot. Already on the way there, you could see that many tourists come here. Most of the signs were also...

English Posts · 17. September 2018
This summer I fulfilled a long-awaited dream and finally flew to Seoul. My grandma just said: "Another Asian city! You were already in China. That's the same thing. " But that's totally not true. My fascination for China was awakened in childhood by stories like Jim Button, South Korea and the capital Seoul have a very different meaning for me. That's why it was a completely different thing to fly to Seoul, even though it was quite familiar there. K-pop and K-drama are to blame. I do not...

English Posts · 11. Juli 2018
During my road trip through Germany, Heidelberg Castle was one of my go-to places. I have to admit that I went to Heidelberg quite unprepared. The castle was on the way to my relatives in Speyer and I was told by some people that Heidelberg is very beautiful and a trip would be really worthwhile. Well, the people who told me are both blind, but I can not really argue with them.

English Posts · 10. Juli 2018
To say New York is a big City seems a little bit underrating. Most people tend to forget that New York City is so much more than just Manhatten, although the most popular Sights can be found here. I already wrote about sights you can see for free, or on a very low budget. My Top 5 favourite sights may cost a little bit more, but are totally worth their price.

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