How to... in Germany

How to... in Germany · 05. Dezember 2018
In America kids celebrate Halloween, in Germany they celebrate St. Nikolaus. Every sixth of December they will walk through the streets, ring their neighbour's doorbells and sing a Christmas song to get some sweets.

How to... in Germany · 08. Juni 2018
Germany is a country where beer is grately praised and served everywhere.

How to... in Germany · 19. Mai 2018
Hey guys :) Tomorrow it’s Father’s Day here in Germany and I hope all the daddies can enjoy their day. Of course, we also celebrate all the other men too, nobody is forced to be a father. That’s why we also name this day “Herrentag” (Gentlemen’s Day) or simply “Männertag” (Men’s Day). In Germany Father's Day falls on the same day as Ascension Day. This is a holiday anyway and the fathers have plenty of time for their family. When the weather is good, we enjoy a nice bicycle...

How to... in Germany · 22. März 2018
When you come to Germany as a tourist or for a gap year (or whatever) it might be good to know some table manners. The dining etiquette in Germany isn’t so different from that in other European countries or the USA, but it can be good to know the variations.

How to... in Germany · 01. Februar 2018
It’s always important to know how to say „Hello“, when you come to another country. In German, there are many ways to greet people and fortunately they are easy to learn. Here are the most common ways to say “Hello” in Germany. “Hello” in German is “Hallo”, quite simple, I know. You can’t make a mistake by saying “Hallo” as a greeting. You can use it in a formal and casual way. Formal greetings Here in Germany we shake hands for a formal greeting. Cheek kissing is not so...