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English · 16. Juli 2020
Hamelin, the city with the eerily beautiful fairy tale about a Pied Piper who was held responsible for the disappearance of 130 children. Anyone who visits the city will quickly notice that the fairy tale is the motto. The tourists have to find out for themselves what is true of the Pied Piper legend.

English · 01. Juni 2020
Viele Deutsche flüchten sich im Sommer gerne an die Strände von Spanien, Italien oder Griechenland. Dabei kann man auch im eigenen Land Orte finden, die einen denken lassen man wäre weit gereist, um sie zu finden. Einer dieser Orte ist Rathen in Sachsen. Der Luftkurort is einer der beliebtesten Orte für Wanderer, die das Elbsansteingebirge entdecken wollen. Hier kann jeder wandern, egal ob blutiger Anfänger oder Profi. Was es alles zu sehen gibt erfahrt ihr in diesem Blogartikel.

English · 24. Mai 2020
One of the most beautiful gardens that Bremen has to offer in May is the Rhododendoron Park. And in the middle of this park is the Botanika, a huge greenhouse with Asian landscapes. But there is much more to discover here than just tropical plants, because Asian culture, animals and a museum are also part of the exhibition. This place is a wonderful destination for young and old.

03. Oktober 2019
Today we celebrate a very special day here in Germany. The Unity Day is a public holiday, with lots of festivities. Most people don't even have to go to work and if you are happy to be in Berlin on this day, you might have a very good time. If you ever asked yourself how and why we celebrate this day, you can find some answers here.

English · 26. September 2019
* contains unpaid advertisement People who travel to Germany usually think of cities like Berlin, Hamburg or Munich. Bremen is relatively small in comparison, but not less traditional and definitely worth a visit. Those who only stay in this city for a short time will notice that it can also have its advantages to be small, because the most important sights can be reached by foot from the central station. In Bremen you never need much time to reach the most beautiful places!

The view from the Plaza
English · 27. August 2019
Hamburg is one of the most beautiful cities in Germany and there are a thousand of things you can do! Here are a few ideas, what I would do, if I came here as a tourist.

Die Aussicht vom Plaza
Deutsch · 22. August 2019
Hamburg ist eine der schönsten Städte Deutschlands und es gibt tausende Dinge, die man hier machen kann. Hier sind ein paar Ideen was ich machen würde, wenn ich als Tourist hier wäre.

Legs and  feet
English · 21. Juli 2019
It is officially summer in Germany and as it gets hotter and hotter some people decide to not wear clothes anymore. Have you ever asked yourself how we deal with nurdity in Germany? Here is a short explanation!

Laboe from the top of the marine monument
English · 23. Mai 2019
* contains unpaid advertisement In Germany we really like to spend our weekends or holidays at the sea. We are happy to choose between the North and Baltic Seas, which both have their advantages even though they are very different. There are plenty of beautiful places along the Baltic Sea, but for now we’d like to intruduce you to Laboe. One big advantage of the Baltic Sea is that there will always be water to go swimming, kite surfing or boating. If you don’t like the cold water there will...

Deutsch · 19. Mai 2019
*unbezahlte Werbung Ich wohne nun schon seit zwei Jahren in Hamburg und hatte bis vor kurzem einen wichtigen Punkt auf meiner Bucket Liste noch nicht abgehakt. Die Hansestadt ist für viele Dinge bekannt, wie den Michel, die Elbphilharmonie oder lange Staus vor dem Elbtunnel, aber das Miniatur Wunderland ist wohl eine der meistbesuchtesten Sehenswürdigkeiten. An einem Samstag haben mein Freund und ich dann kurzfristig entschieden uns die Miniaturwelten endlich einmal anzusehen und mit dem...

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