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Great Britain · 05. November 2019
The southern coast of England has many beautiful small towns. In addition to Weymouth and Torquay, Falmouth is one of them in any case. I chose this town mainly for its location, because Falmouth is already very west, so that day trips to St. Ives, Lands End or Newquay can take place without long distance car rides. Nevertheless, Falmouth not only is a great place to start a journey, but also has much to offer itself.

Weymouth beach
Great Britain · 13. September 2019
Weymouth is a beautiful little town with a famous beach. It is one of the hotspots for tourism in England and a place worth a visit. In this post I'm going to share how I spend my time there.

The view from the Plaza
Germany · 27. August 2019
Hamburg is one of the most beautiful cities in Germany and there are a thousand of things you can do! Here are a few ideas, what I would do, if I came here as a tourist.

Die Aussicht vom Plaza
Deutschland · 22. August 2019
Hamburg ist eine der schönsten Städte Deutschlands und es gibt tausende Dinge, die man hier machen kann. Hier sind ein paar Ideen was ich machen würde, wenn ich als Tourist hier wäre.

Tips & Tricks · 20. August 2019
* contains unpaid advertising Our climate is a topic dicussed by many people currently and that's a good thing. We only have this one planet and in the last few decades we do not seem to have taken much good care of it, but it's not too late yet. With a few small changes in our everyday life, we can all help conserve the climate and make the earth planet worth to live on for future generations. Of course this also applies to travel, which can be one of the biggest environmental sins if you are...

Culloden Battlefield
Blogparades · 10. Juli 2019
Dark Tourism sounds pretty forbidden at first, but actually it is not. What makes a rather mysterious impression is a way of traveling that appeals to more and more people. It's about much more than looking at places where catastrophes have happened. But what exactly makes a "dark tourist" and what are their intentions?

Laboe from the top of the marine monument
Germany · 23. Mai 2019
* contains unpaid advertisement In Germany we really like to spend our weekends or holidays at the sea. We are happy to choose between the North and Baltic Seas, which both have their advantages even though they are very different. There are plenty of beautiful places along the Baltic Sea, but for now we’d like to intruduce you to Laboe. One big advantage of the Baltic Sea is that there will always be water to go swimming, kite surfing or boating. If you don’t like the cold water there will...

Germany · 19. Mai 2019
*unpaid advertisement I have been living in Hamburg for two years now and until recently I had not yet checked off an important point on my bucket list. The Hanseatic city is known for many things, such as the Michel, the Elbphilharmonie or long traffic jams in front of the Elbtunnel, but the Miniatur Wunderland is probably one of the most visited sights. On a Saturday, my friend and I decided to finally look at the miniature worlds and with the combination ticket Big Tubs & Small Trains we...

Tips & Tricks · 05. Mai 2019
Is there the one and only way for travelling? Some people swear on backpacking, while others enjoy their time at the beaches of all inclusive resorts. In contrast to other people's opinions, I belive there isn't a wrong way to travel but there must be a solution that fits you perfectly. As long as you feel good you're doing everything right. Just in case you want to try something completely different I thought of six ways to travel and why so many people prefer a certain way of travelling.

Great Britain · 30. April 2019
While driving through the Highlands I wondered why my mum wanted to go to Scotland so desperately. I couldn't understand why she decided to spend a week in such a frustrating area until I realised that this mostly frustrating piece of land somehow manages to show a great diversity and even appaers beautiful in a few moments.

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