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Some time ago I started this blog to share my experiences with the "Adopt a Student" project and realized how much I am interesetd in other countries and cultures and languages. I want to show you the great advantages of respecting others, cultural differences and dealing with prejudices. We live in a world that gets smaller and smaller every single day. Let's make the best of it.


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Asian People are not Corona Virus




This morning I woke up and saw the Insta Story of a friend of mine, who is from Korea and she was really upset about about Coronavirus related racism. The last days I followed the news and media and additional to all the information about this new virus I also lerned that lots of Asian people experiencing racism these days, only because some people are afraid to get the Corona disease. Why is that so? Is there really so little information that so many people completely freak out and not only blame random Asians for this disease, but also insult them or even get agressive?

About me

I am Melissa, 22 years old and living in Hamburg. To anwer the first question you might have: no, I am not adopted by my parents. So why is this blog called "The adoptive sister"?



Travelling is my biggest passion. Whether further away or just around the corner, I do not really care. But I also write about books, food or personal thoughts on my blog.


Adopt a student

"Adopt a Student" is a project of Hochschule Bremen to promote the cultural exchange of guest students and the locals in Bremen. A great program where everyone can learn a lot.