Welcome to my blog

Some time ago I started this blog to share my experiences with the "Adopt a Student" project and realized how much I am interesetd in other countries and cultures and languages. I want to show you the great advantages of respecting others, cultural differences and dealing with prejudices. We live in a world that gets smaller and smaller every single day. Let's make the best of it.


About me

I am Melissa, 22 years old and living in Hamburg. To anwer the first question you might have: no, I am not adopted by my parents. So why is this blog called "The adoptive sister"?



Travelling is my biggest passion. Whether further away or just around the corner, I do not really care. But I also write about books, food or personal thoughts on my blog.


Adopt a student

"Adopt a Student" is a project of Hochschule Bremen to promote the cultural exchange of guest students and the locals in Bremen. A great program where everyone can learn a lot.