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What is "Adopt-a-student" ?

Adopting a student, what does that mean? I guess everyone has asked this question before joining the sponsorship program at the University of Applied Sciences in Bremen. "Adopting" is a term we tend to associate with children or even animals, who need our help. But do students not also need some help?


Imagine you have the chance to go on a gap year to get to know the culture of a foreign country, to taste foreign food and to learn the local language. This is not easy when you are alone. The exchange students experience exactly this adventure and I am sure they would not object a little help. 


Every year about 300 exchange students come to Bremen to study for one or two semesters. The "Adopt-a-student" program is designed to help exchange students to learn more about this country. It promotes the cultural exchange between the sponsors and the students. The guest students should get an insight into the everyday life here in Germany, How do Germans live? What do the Germans eat? What do Germans do in their spare time? There are so many questiones that our foreign students want to ask. The sponsors should also take some advantages. I am sure that their questioned will be answered too and they can learn a lot.

What are the benefits of the program?

It can be very hard to get along in a foreign country, especially when you don't know the language and culture. Your adopt-family should take care of you just as your family at home. This family supports you during your stay and tries to answer every question, no matter if it's about culture, German grammar (which no one actually understands) or bureaucracy. You will get to know Germany in a very different way. 

Freimarkt Bremen
Freimarkt Bremen

What requirements are necessary?

You should be interested in Germany, which might be the case when you come here to study. Special language skills are not required but they can help. It is very rare that your adopt-family speaks your language.Knowledge about your own country would be nice because this program is about cultural exchange. 

What can we do during the program?

Whatever you'd like to do. If you like cooking, cook ogether. If you like sports, do sports together or watch football. Talk about your interests and you may find something to do together. It can also be real fun to try new things too. So don't say no, just because it sounds weird or boring.