Germany · 26. September 2019
* contains unpaid advertisement People who travel to Germany usually think of cities like Berlin, Hamburg or Munich. Bremen is relatively small in comparison, but not less traditional and definitely worth a visit. Those who only stay in this city for a short time will notice that it can also have its advantages to be small, because the most important sights can be reached by foot from the central station. In Bremen you never need much time to reach the most beautiful places!

The view from the Plaza
Germany · 27. August 2019
Hamburg is one of the most beautiful cities in Germany and there are a thousand of things you can do! Here are a few ideas, what I would do, if I came here as a tourist.

Laboe from the top of the marine monument
Germany · 23. Mai 2019
* contains unpaid advertisement In Germany we really like to spend our weekends or holidays at the sea. We are happy to choose between the North and Baltic Seas, which both have their advantages even though they are very different. There are plenty of beautiful places along the Baltic Sea, but for now we’d like to intruduce you to Laboe. One big advantage of the Baltic Sea is that there will always be water to go swimming, kite surfing or boating. If you don’t like the cold water there will...

Germany · 19. Mai 2019
*unpaid advertisement I have been living in Hamburg for two years now and until recently I had not yet checked off an important point on my bucket list. The Hanseatic city is known for many things, such as the Michel, the Elbphilharmonie or long traffic jams in front of the Elbtunnel, but the Miniatur Wunderland is probably one of the most visited sights. On a Saturday, my friend and I decided to finally look at the miniature worlds and with the combination ticket Big Tubs & Small Trains we...

Germany · 11. Juli 2018
During my road trip through Germany, Heidelberg Castle was one of my go-to places. I have to admit that I went to Heidelberg quite unprepared. The castle was on the way to my relatives in Speyer and I was told by some people that Heidelberg is very beautiful and a trip would be really worthwhile. Well, the people who told me are both blind, but I can not really argue with them.

Germany · 04. Juli 2018
* unpaid advertisement I have never thought that the longest rope suspension bridge is located in Germany. In fact, it can be found in the Harz, a mountain range in east Germany. As I wanted to drive to the Harz last Sunday anyway, I had the great opportunity to cross the bridge myself.

Germany · 28. Juni 2018
For me, the mountains have been the most unattractive travel destination I've ever imagined. As a North German I need the sea, or at least a lake, or a big river, like the Elbe. I do not know why, but it just did not attract me to Bavaria. Until I saw pictures of the Partnach Gorge, which fascinated me immediately. A gorge, or Klamm in German, is a narrow valley throughthe mountains and there are quite a lot in southern Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Why the Partnachklamm attracts so many...

Germany · 09. Juni 2018
In May I was traveling a bit in Germany, including in Saxony. Why Saxony? First of all it is far away from everything I know, Saxony is in no way like Northern Germany, and second because I had seen some stunning pictures on Pinterest that were really convincing. Mainly I was going there because of the Bastei Bridge, but more about that later. On my trip across Germany, my boyfriend came with me, which was a good decision, because without him I would certainly still not be at home and would...