Great Britain

Beach of Newquay
Great Britain · 25. November 2019
Before winter finally arrives and the Christmas season starts I'd like to share some sunshine with you. I still have so much to blog about our England roadtrip, but let's face the most relaxing part of Cornwall and Devon - the beaches.

Great Britain · 05. November 2019
The southern coast of England has many beautiful small towns. In addition to Weymouth and Torquay, Falmouth is one of them in any case. I chose this town mainly for its location, because Falmouth is already very west, so that day trips to St. Ives, Lands End or Newquay can take place without long distance car rides. Nevertheless, Falmouth not only is a great place to start a journey, but also has much to offer itself.

Coast Path Tintagel
Great Britain · 23. Oktober 2019
Hiking in England? For a hobby that usually takes place in the mountains are, England seems pretty flat. Anyway, anyone coming to the South of England should pack their hiking boots, because here's the Coast Path, which is not only one of the best ways to get beautiful views of the ocean, but sometimes can also be quite challenging!

Great Britain · 25. September 2019
Das Dartmoor ist ein unglaublich vielseitiger Ort in der Natur. Es hat noch so viel mehr als Heide, Ginster und mystisch wirkende Wälder zu bieten. Was ich dort erlebt habe, teile ich in diesem Blogpost.

Cliff door in Torquay
Great Britain · 23. September 2019
When I was in Cornwall for the first time, I spend all the nights in Torquay. But I have to admit that although I spend five days there, I didn't see much of this town. I can only remember the sea, the picturesque Coast Path and the ferris wheel. Reason enough to come back.

Exeter Cathedral
Great Britain · 17. September 2019
The only thing I knew was, that Exeter has a beutiful cathedral. Although I didn't know much, I wanted to visit the city, because it is such a central point in South England. It turned out that Exeter has so much more to offer, than just an interesting history.

Weymouth beach
Great Britain · 13. September 2019
Weymouth is a beautiful little town with a famous beach. It is one of the hotspots for tourism in England and a place worth a visit. In this post I'm going to share how I spend my time there.

Great Britain · 10. September 2019
*contains unpaid advertisement Driving to England sounds like a pretty cool idea, if you ignore the environmental impact. Of course, when planning our road trip, I thought about the impact to our climate, especially since I want to make my trips more sustainable overall. Unfortunately, this idea did not came up until after we booked the ferry, so there is a lot to improve in terms of climate. In fact, travelling through England by train works quite well and is also cheap, the only question is...

Great Britain · 30. April 2019
While driving through the Highlands I wondered why my mum wanted to go to Scotland so desperately. I couldn't understand why she decided to spend a week in such a frustrating area until I realised that this mostly frustrating piece of land somehow manages to show a great diversity and even appaers beautiful in a few moments.

Great Britain · 22. April 2019
While traveling to Scotland you will hardly get around a pat particular city. Edinburgh is the center of this country and you can see this everywhere. Edinburgh offers something for every tourist, be it palaces or castles, long hiking trails or free museums. My very first day in Edinburgh began, as usual, in the rain. Of course, I have not let that get me down, because I expected bad weather anyway. However, if the rain is so heavy that you would rather spend the day indoors, I highly recommend...