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Tips & Tricks · 20. August 2019
* contains unpaid advertising Our climate is a topic dicussed by many people currently and that's a good thing. We only have this one planet and in the last few decades we do not seem to have taken much good care of it, but it's not too late yet. With a few small changes in our everyday life, we can all help conserve the climate and make the earth planet worth to live on for future generations. Of course this also applies to travel, which can be one of the biggest environmental sins if you are...

Legs and  feet
Tips & Tricks · 21. Juli 2019
It is officially summer in Germany and as it gets hotter and hotter some people decide to not wear clothes anymore. Have you ever asked yourself how we deal with nurdity in Germany? Here is a short explanation!

Tips & Tricks · 05. Mai 2019
Is there the one and only way for travelling? Some people swear on backpacking, while others enjoy their time at the beaches of all inclusive resorts. In contrast to other people's opinions, I belive there isn't a wrong way to travel but there must be a solution that fits you perfectly. As long as you feel good you're doing everything right. Just in case you want to try something completely different I thought of six ways to travel and why so many people prefer a certain way of travelling.

Tips & Tricks · 12. Februar 2019
A few years ago I thought that there are two kinds of people in this world. Confident people and shy people. Although some people would never believe me, I counted myself to the shy people. For me it was a miracle how others could have so much more confidence than me and I wondered if I would ever change my situation. Now I realized that confidence isn't something you are born with, you can gain it throughout your lifetime. I guess confidence is build by the experiences we make and I built most...

Tips & Tricks · 05. Dezember 2018
In America kids celebrate Halloween, in Germany they celebrate St. Nikolaus. Every sixth of December they will walk through the streets, ring their neighbour's doorbells and sing a Christmas song to get some sweets.