United States

United States · 10. Juli 2018
To say New York is a big City seems a little bit underrating. Most people tend to forget that New York City is so much more than just Manhatten, although the most popular Sights can be found here. I already wrote about sights you can see for free, or on a very low budget. My Top 5 favourite sights may cost a little bit more, but are totally worth their price.

Sharon McCutcheon
United States · 26. Juni 2018
New York is not a cheap city, at least not for the average person. Those who travel here have often saved money for a long time and although most of the sights are worth the money, there are a few things that you can see for free. These six sights do not cost you a cent!

United States · 21. Juni 2018
Before I traveled to New York, I was not particularly into the American kitchen. Maybe because it's kind of similar to the German cuisine, or because with "American" I mostly associate burgers, steak and everything that's unhealthy. I have been confirmed in some of the prejudices, but I have to say that I really did not focus on a healthy diet in that one week.