About me

I am Melissa and to answer the first question that might come to your mind: No, I'm not adopted by my parents. So why is this blog named "The adoptive sister"?


A very important part of my life is the "Adopt a student program" of the University of applied sciences in Bremen. I've been a member of that program since it exists and that’s quite long. The program is about "adopting" a foreign student to help him getting along in Germany, because sometimes it can be really hard to live in a foreign country. Most of the German people, who "adopt" a student are old enough to be their parents, like my aunt (I'm doing this program together with her). But when the program started I was maybe 10 years old, so it would be weird to call me an adoptive parent. That's why I am the adoptive sister of a lot students all over the world. And I am so so so happy to have such a big family.


 I am 22 years old and live in Germany, but I wouldn't say that I'm typical German. I grew up in a small village, near to Bremen (the city of the town musicians) and I am quite sure that in this village there are more cows than people. As you might guess, this is not good place to live and work for a young adult. Right now I'm living in Hamburg, where I work for an Ambulance. This is not the job for my entire life, but a good way to earn money for my greatest passion; traveling!


I really love to learn about countries and cultures that are so different from the German culture. That's why I try to travel every year.