HOW TO: Nudity in Germany

Imagine you are walking along a German beach on a hot summer day. You enjoy the sunny weather, soft waves splash against your feet while you are searching for beautiful seashells. When you entered the beach there were people wearing the newest bikinis, mothers looking after their children in beach clothes and some men in those old ugly swimming trunks. As you are walking and walking, watching the seagulls and some boats, you come to different part of the beach and as you look up you realize that everybody is naked!

Legs and  feet
Picture by Lucrezia Carnelos (unsplash)

While some people might think something like: "What is this and how the hell did I get here?", most Germans would just notice they entered the FKK Zone. FKK is the short form of Freie Körper Kultur, which means free body culture. This is a totally normal thing here in Germany and is mostly lived out at the beach, while camping or in special communities. So if you like to be naked in Germany this is absolutely possible, but before you start to rip off your clothes, have in mind that we don't like to see this everywhere and in some cases it is even seen as an administrative offense. 



There is no law that prohibits nudity in Germany, as long as you don't harass the general public.




There are many ways to be naked in Germany without bothering people and without a sexual relation. Being naked should mean a natural way of living and not an invitation to goggle, bother, touch and it is definitely no invitation do get raped. Never forget that! Being naked means to be vulnerable and to completely trust the people around. That does not mean that you will have to walk around covering your eyes. Looking at other people's bodies is not avoidable and of course there are ways to look at each other in a respectful way. This is really appreciated!

So where are Germans naked? I already mentioned the beach, but there are so many other opportunities. In general you can be naked anywhere, but you might be asked to leave some places by the police. Safe places are your home, your garden, your balcony, the sauna and even your car. There are also some FKK camping places or FKK communities. The nature might also be a great place to be naked, but be sure that you are alone or with people, who have no problem with it.



What you should not do

First of all you should pay attention to the privacy of everybody else. So leave your cell phone and your camera at home or in your bag. If you want to take some nudes or a selfie, be sure that nobody else is on the picture! 


Children is a very sensitive topic. In Germany it is totally normal that children don't wear swimming clothes at the beach. Don't you dare to take pictures, because it is child porn. This can also become a tricky topic if you are taking pictures of your own children. It wasn't a big deal when I was a child, but the general opinion on this has changed. 


Don't look judgy! Just because people are naked at the sauna or in the shower of the gym it doesn't always mean that they are totally comfortable with it. One wrong look can destroy a whole day, not matter if you're naked or not!



I hope that I was able to explain this part of our German culture. Let me know how you deal with this topic in you county, I'm very curious!

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