Let's visit Weymouth

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Many blogs or travel agencies recommend visiting Weymouth. I can absolutely understand that, because the town is really beautiful. Especially the beach was very attractive to me, unfortunately, to several thousand other people too, which meant that the sandy beach was extremely crowded. But let's start at the beginning.

Weymouth beach
Weymouth beach
Weymouth Esplanade

It takes about three hours to go from Dover to Weymouth by car. I can really recommend to avoid the London ring and take a route on the countryside instead. This may take an hour more, but you can look at the beautiful landscape while other people stress in a traffic jam. I wish I knew this before, because now I can tell you British motorways are quite unspectacular.

When we arrived in Weymouth we were a bit exhausted from the long ride, but to see our lovely decorated apartment saved the day!

We slept in a small self contained apartment in Preston, which is just ten minutes away from the town by car. The owners of the apartment were extremely friendly and helpful, so our stay there was a little highlight.


As I already mentioned, Weymouth is mainly famous for its beach. The whole coastline is called Jurassic coast, because if you are lucky enough you can find some fossiles there. Even the bones of dinosaurs have been found here. The coast is extremely beautiful and I would recommend this area especially for nature lovers and landscape photographers. You can get some cool shots done here! In addition the the scenery there is also a Sea Life, a sand sculpture park and a fort, which can be visited. 

So the first thing we did was to find something to eat, before we strolled along the Esplanade, looking for a free spot at the beach. Even though it was warm enough to go swimming in the sea, I didn't. And I regret this, because the next days the weather wasn't good enough to jump into the cold water.

So we let the sun shine on our shoulders and realaxed.

Weymouth beach

Another great place to look around is the harbour of Weymouth. Before a lot of towns turned very touristic, they have been the home to fishermen and still are. Those little harbours are such beautiful places full of life. A "national sport" for the local kids seems to be crab fishing. I watched this a few years ago in St. Ives. At some places the water is so cler that you can even see the crabs and at some point I startet to cheer that one of the crabs would take the bait. The crabs are captured in a plastic bucket and end up on a plate or, in case they are not eaten, back in the water. I prefer the second version. 


Before returning to our apartment, Till had a Cornish Pasty for the first time. Unfortunately it wasn't a good example for a snack that stands representataive for this region. Pasyties are a an advanced version of a bread, that is filled with stew. Sounds pretty unspectacular at first, but actually it is the perfect lunch for people travelling and they appaer in lots of different flavours.

Weymouth harbour

In the evening I decided to go running in the calm neighbourhood of Preston. I don't like to run in places with much traffic, especially when there is left traffic. I had no problems with cars there, but I didn't know that my route would have the incline of an alpine trail run. If you think that England doesn't have any mountains you might be right, but the hills were killing me. 

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